Organic and sustainable.

Fertuna, after years of conventional agriculture, decided to take on a new challenge in the name of modernity. To be modern today means to retrace what is our history , to rediscover the sense of the natural environment.

In 2016, we decided to convert our production to organic: after a transitional period of “purging” of conventional agronomic techniques, we rediscovered the charm of nature. Today the company is certified organic from vintage 2020. Not yet happy and always attentive to what are the new goals, we are also walking the road of Sustainable Winery with the quality standard Equalitas.

The combination of these two production protocols wants to give life to an ecosystem that does nothing but embellish our territory, allows us to live integrated in what is our beautiful habitat. Biodiversity is stimulated and improves the final result that is reflected in our magnificent wines.

Living in symbiosis with the environment makes us proud of our work that we try to share with you all. The attention paid to the entire production cycle: from the plant to the collection to the disposal and recycling of by-products, makes the company live a positive ethical and social climate.

We will be happy to share with you all the results achieved, for any suggestion download the report form


Tenuta Fertuna

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